Markus Chakra


BY Marco UrsiPublished Apr 1, 2004

A fun, rockin’ debut EP that suggests a promising future for this Toronto-based artist. Chakra draws from the classic rock and soul of the late ’60s and early ’70s but the record’s sound is decidedly modern, with nods to Big Sugar, the New Meanies and the Black Crowes. Bassist Tyler de Witt and drummer Matt "Fats” Cameron provide tight-but-loose rhythmic foundation for Chakra’s crunchy guitar playing and soulful harmonica wailing. There’s some nice interplay between the musicians but the jamming never gets excessive. As a vocalist, Chakra falls into the Bob Dylan and Neil Young camp; he doesn’t hit every note and he sounds all the better for it. "You’ve Made Your Bed” is the stand-out track, a perfectly structured track with soulful harmonies and a smart, catchy chorus. "Forgive” is built on a rockin’ riff and features a blaring harmonica solo while "Colleen” is an ear-pleasing, soulful ballad. There’s potential for great things here.
(Here Comes Trouble)

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