Mark Oliver / Various The Best Of Trance

Riding Toronto transit to work every morning can be a depressing experience — you’re tired, grumpy and crammed into an underground tunnel filled with other tired and unexcitingly silent people. My top pick of the moment for those tense morning journeys is Mark Oliver’s The Best Of Trance, a two-disc mix. Solar Stone’s "Seven Cities,” Art of Trance’s "Madagascar,” Binary Finary’s "1998” — if you were listening to electronica from the trance genre when we entered the 21st century you will remember these, some of the finest examples of the style, so be ready to invoke the spirits and recall a time when raves were roaring in Canada. "Everytime” by Lustral and "Greece 2000” by Three Drives (two back to back tracks on the first CD) appeared on Paul Oakenfold’s Global Underground: New York, Volume 7 CD, which was released almost ten years ago. The tracks on this album represent a major accelerating period in trance and they embody the huge heart of the music, both texturally and lyrically. It’s been too long since you heard "Children” by Tilt. (SPG)