Mark McGuire Releases Inner Tube Collaboration

Mark McGuire Releases Inner Tube Collaboration
Wildly prolific Emeralds guitar experimenter Mark McGuire has put the strain on our PayPal accounts with a steady stream of releases over the last few years, and he doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. The latest release lightening our wallets is McGuire's Inner Tube, a collaborative project with Spencer Clark, best known for his work with Skaters and Monopoly Child.

McGuire told Exclaim! about the release in an interview last year, addressing the record with the following statement:

I've been working with Spencer Clark from Monopoly Child, Skaters and all that. We recorded an album last summer that's a surf album. It's like a tribute to old new wave/soft rock/surf bands from Australia and New Zealand. It's honouring that style in a new light. It's called Mark McGuire's Inner Tube, which is kinda the name of the project and album. I'm really stoked for that one because it's way out-of-left-field style and really different than a lot of stuff I've been doing, and I think people are going to respond. But I don't know if it will be a good response or bad response. We're even going to try to do a tour in Australia next year to support it.

The project's self-titled album is available now on vinyl via Pacific City Sound Visions. Along with the music, the label explains that the release "comes with tons of stories from both Mark and Charles plus a surprise giant fold-out poster of the two stoned in front of their favourite movies!"

Inner Tube can be purchased here. If you click that link you'll also be treated to an auto-play of the album track "Winners Take All."

As promised, in support of the record, McGuire is kicking off a tour of Australia and New Zealand today (February 2). You can see all the dates here.