Mark McGuire Details 'Along the Way' Album

Mark McGuire Details 'Along the Way' Album
Mark McGuire is keeping busy in the wake of Emeralds' recent breakup. The cosmic axeman recently rolled out an expansive new track called "In Search of the Miraculous" from his upcoming album Along the Way, and we've now got the details of that record's impending release. It will be out in Japan on June 13 through Yacca.

The collection was created following the completion of Emeralds' final album, last year's Just to Feel Anything, with sessions wrapping up this February. It's a four-part concept album about spiritual development and personal growth; see the multi-movement tracklist below.

Via Google Translate, the press release reads, "This album is going to be deployed as a story that is constituted by part four consisting of multiple compositions, based on spiritual development and psychological personal epic 'Journey.' Psychological description of the various experiences that happened in the course of the growth of Mark himself is reflected in the story of this journey."

The album is said to feature McGuire's usual mix of guitars and electronics, in addition to instruments like piano, santur (a hammered dulcimer), mandolin and more. There is also spoken word and singing, with reportedly more song-oriented arrangements than we're used to hearing from the soundscape artist.

Currently the album only has a Japanese release date, but we can expect international distribution to follow soon. McGuire is currently touring in Japan.

Along the Way:

Part Ⅰ: "To All Present in The Hall of Learning"

1. Awakening
2. Wonderland of Living Things
3. In Search of the Miraculous
4. To The Macrobes (Where Do I Go)
5. Astray

Part Ⅱ: "The Age of Revealing"

6. Silent Weapons (The Architects of Manipulation)
7. The Instinct

Part Ⅲ: "After the Heavy Rains"

8. The Human Condition (Song for My Father)
9. For the Friendships (Along the Way)
10. Arrival Begins the Next Departure

Part Ⅳ: "To the Palace of The Self"

11. The War on Consciousness
12. The Lonelier Way
13. Turiya (The Same Way)