Mark McGuire "Noctilucence" (video)

Mark McGuire 'Noctilucence' (video)
Creating a video for Mark McGuire's "Noctilucence" was doubtless no easy task, given the track's epic length. Not to be deterred by an ambitious project, however, the former Emeralds guitarist has gone ahead and released a clip for the tune.

The video for this twinkling, arpeggiator-laced electronic track spans 16 minutes. It captures the nocturnal, mind-expanding tone of the music, as shadowy shots are overlaid with bleeding colours and futuristic, laser-like images. Considering that the track (and McGuire's upcoming EP) are named after the unexplained phenomenon of glowing clouds at night, these visuals are fitting indeed.

Noctilucence will arrive on November 11 through Dead Oceans.