Mark McGuire "In Search of the Miraculous" (Shinji Masuko remix) (video)

Mark McGuire 'In Search of the Miraculous' (Shinji Masuko remix) (video)
Cosmic guitar explorer Mark McGuire will release his album Along the Way on February 4 through Dead Oceans, and now the former Emeralds member has had the track "In Search of the Miraculous" remixed by Japanese rock guru Shinji Masuko of DMBQ and Boredoms.

This song initially emerged last spring, and while the original was a peacefully twinkling guitar jam, this version gives it a little more muscle. The intro sports some noisily twanging tones, and there are some dense rhythms as the arrangement swells. The distorted licks, meanwhile, are much more jarring and loud than they were in the original.

An abstract accompanying video takes us on an exquisitely trippy roller coaster ride. The clip was made by McGuire himself. Watch it below, where you'll also find the original version.