Mark Lanegan Gathers Up Rarities for 'Houston'

Mark Lanegan Gathers Up Rarities for 'Houston'
Though having last left us with the sounds of his Phantom Radio, gravelly voiced rock figure Mark Lanegan is now dialling things back a bit with a collection of previously unheard tracks. The aptly named Houston (Publishing Demos 2002) will see the light of day August 21 through Ipecac.

A press release explains that the 12-song effort was, as the title implies, recorded back in 2002. It's a significant time period for Lanegan, as this roughly lines up with the then-recent breakup of longtime band Screaming Trees. Though Lanegan had prepped solo albums in the early '90s, a press release notes that these demos were made while "Lanegan was in the early years of his solo offerings."

Though the collection features a few familiar tunes, including Has God Seen My Shadow? entry "Halcyon Daze" and an early version of Blues Funeral's "Gray Goes Black," much of the material on Houston (Publishing Demos 2002) is being released for the first time.

You'll find a full tracklisting of the set, which was produced by Randall Jamail, down below. That's the cover art, as prepped by the Mekons' Jon Langford, is up above.

Houston (Publishing Demos 2002):

1. No Cross
2. Two Horses
3. When It's In You (Methamphetamine Blues)
4. High Life
5. I'll Go Where You Send Me *
6. Grey Goes Black *
7. The Primitives
8. Blind
9. Halcyon Daze *
10. Nothing Much to Mention
11. A Suite for Dying Love *
12. Way To Tomorrow

* previously released