Mark Kozelek's 'Live at Biko' Gets Vinyl Pressing

Mark Kozelek's 'Live at Biko' Gets Vinyl Pressing
Mark Kozelek alienated a lot of people in 2014, from the War on Drugs to Meredith Graves to "fucking hillbillies." Still, there are plenty of people who remain loyal to his work, so it will come as good news to many that the songwriter's recent concert album Live at Biko will be getting a vinyl pressing on February 24.

The album was recorded in the spring of 2014, and came out digitally and on CD in the summer through Calo Verde Records. While it's billed under Kozelek's own name, most of the material comes from his work as as Sun Kil Moon, with a number of tracks drawn from last year's Benji LP.

Modern Vinyl points out that the record can be pre-ordered through Bull Moose. It's unclear at this point if the set is split across two records, or if they managed to fit all 14 tracks on one slab of wax.

Live at Biko:

1. Gustavo
2. I Watched the Film the Song Remains the Same
3. I Love My Dad
4. Dogs
5. Micheline
6. Richard Ramirez Died Today of Natural Causes
7. Alesund
8. Hey You Bastards I'm Still Here
9. Sunshine in Chicago
10. Carissa
11. Caroline
12. Ceiling Gazing
13. Tavoris Cloud
14. Elaine