Mark Farina House of Om

Thick bass beats and vibrant jazz melodies nestled in the warmth of static are among the funky elements of Mark Farina’s new House of Om record. What you’ll find here is a combination of get-off-your-seat dance music and reflective house for lounging. Mark began his road to acclaim in the house circle even before 1992, the year his now famous Mushroom Jazz series first appeared as a small run of mix-tapes. Up to now, this DJ has played his signature bumpin’, funkin’ sound enthusiastically to crowds around the world. House of Om has tracks by King Kooba, White Collar Criminals and Farina himself, with remixes by Bryan Jones and others. And the music shares that groove feeling; it’s sometimes deep but always enriched by upbeat funkiness. Respect to the roots of house music, Soydan’s "Takil” features a subtle vocal sample from Mr. Fingers’ early and regularly heard anthem "Can You Feel It?” On House of Om, Mark shows again his consistently relaxed style of jazzy, Chicago-influenced house united with earthy West-coast vibes. This record will remind you of times when people didn’t party just to pick up and communication was king. (Om)