Mark E. Smith Physically Attacks the Cribs, Gets Verbally Attacked By Nick Cave

Mark E. Smith Physically Attacks the Cribs, Gets Verbally Attacked By Nick Cave
It goes without saying that if you fuck with Mark E. Smith then you’re likely to get fucked with. Dude just doesn’t really like people, and if you step on his toes, like the Cribs did at Monday night’s Mojo Honours List awards ceremony, you’re going to get some unpleasantness, likely of a physical nature.

In the Crib’s case, they got their English asses kicked off a podium, with Xfm reporting that the cantankerous Fall front-man allegedly attacked the rock outfit after they tried to pose with him in a photo. The Wakefield trio had presented Smith with the Maverick Award at the ceremony when the four were taken backstage for a photo-op. At this point, Smith reportedly wasn’t so keen on having the Cribs in the shoots, giving rise to some rather curt words and a pushing match that eventually sent the band packing.

While we don’t know for sure, perhaps Smith’s overly sour mood had something to do with Nick Cave’s unkindly remarks made to Xfm earlier that day. Having been told that Smith thought Bad Seeds front-man should steer clear of the literary realm (Cave is currently planning a second novel), Cave responded with this:

"Have you read [Smith's autobiography] Renegade? It's sad. It's one of the most whingy, whiney and sniveling things I've ever read in my life. He's not a curmudgeon but he snivels and moans and whines. I love him very much but he snivels. He should reach for the tissues!"

As of yet, Smith has not responded to Cave’s comments — verbally or physically.

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