Marine Research Sounds from the Gulf Stream

The latest in a three-deep line of bands dating back to Oxford, England indie rock sensations Talulah Gosh, Marine Research’s debut disc lives up to its reputation. Former Talulah Gosh and Heavenly members, including bandleader Amelia Fletcher, have reunited with a new drummer, DJ Downfall. The new quartet also reunited with the same sound — ’60s girl group with punk rock tunes — that makes Sounds from the Gulf Stream rewarding listening. Marrying high-energy punk-pop music with wistful and political lyrics, Marine Research songs create an interesting kind of tension. Tearing through ten songs in a few seconds more than 36 minutes, the band works with an economy of scale. Say it, sing it and be done with it. Leave it to the listener to spend the rest of the day repeating the catchy chorus ad infinitum in their heads. (K)