Marigold Audible to Animals

This is the striking debut by Marigold, headed by Vadim Taver, formerly of This Day Forward. The sounds on this 12-track album are heavy and weighted with minor keys and angst-ridden atmospherics, yet they carry a strange beauty that is at once jarring and hypnotic. Formed in 2004, Marigold have already created a distinct sound that explores waves of heartfelt vocals and heavy, ringing arrangements that somehow balance out to sound almost delicate, maybe even vulnerable. The opening track "Moving in Tangents” provides a gripping entryway into the heart of this album, and tangents are how the material seems to unfold as it plays out. Sliding from the pretty and the vicious, something has been captured on Audible to Animals that recalls the melancholy leanings of early to mid-’90s offerings while echoing shadows of Taver’s previous work. Like a waking dream, Audible to Animals feels its way into something that holds a cataclysmic grace. (Revelation)