Marcin Czubala Chronicles of Never

Chronicles of Never is the first full-length release from Marcin Czubala in seven years. Hailing from Poland, the classically trained Czubala began producing and DJing in 1995, eventually founding the country’s first techno label (Currently Processing) in 1999. While Marcin’s roots are grounded in minimal house and techno, Chronicles of Never is a surprising album full of bounce and charisma. Muted hand drums, looped vocals, spiralling scales and teasing chords run rampant throughout, changing the soundscape of each song dramatically. "Berolina” layers a pulsing beat with competing synths and eerie, repetitive vocals for a hazy, distorted feel. "Pravda” playfully runs with the idea of echoes and goes easy on the crisp synths. And "30th May” experiments with rolling bongo drums, a heavy bass backbeat and flighty keyboards that give the track a haunting unease. Chronicles of Never could easily have come straight from Berlin; its dark, hearty undertones balanced by its light, slinky vibe. (Mobilee)