Marc De Breyne Electropical

Electropical is house music produced, mixed and arranged in a continuous set by Marc De Breyne. Opening with the sounds of water rushing against the shore, one almost thinks that they are about to listen to a "mood music" ambient CD, until the house 4/4s kick in and immerses the listener in a focused, consistent set. Some sweet moments in this set are "Islanders," which incorporates the seductive sounds of a violin into the mix, and "Abuca," which utilises the rhythms of hand percussion. The album tends to the atmospheric side, but in an upbeat manner, making it definitely good mood music. Electropical is also interspersed with various environmental sounds, along with the calls and chirping of birds and natural field recordings to help instil an overall organic feel to the set. Marc De Breyne has created a fresh, focused take on house music. (Play)