Manual (with Jess Kahr) The North Shore / Bliss Out v.20

He’s only in his early 20s, but don’t let age fool you. Jonus Monk Jensen may still be relatively new to the scene, but he’s establishing himself as one of the most exciting contemporary electronic artists with each release. The North Shore, his third full-length release recorded as Manual, finds Jensen further pursuing the subtle and ambient textures previously featured on his 2003 EP, Isares. Anyone familiar with Manual’s previous two albums, 2001’s Until Tomorrow and 2002’s Ascend, will notice a significant change in style; soothing crackling melodies with complementary beats have been replaced by a smoother sound and different style of rhythm altogether. Joined by friend and fellow Limp member Jess Kahr, Manual’s compositions rest heavily on the layering and filtering of synthesisers to create the melodic structures and sedate vibe. Falling nicely between Brian Eno’s Ambient 4: On Land and Christian Fennesz’s Endless Summer, these seven tracks will sink heavily into your subconscious. Check your pulse at the door. (Darla)