Manic Hispanic Mijo Goes to Jr. College

They’re brown, down and coming to your town! Composed of members from the Cadillac Tramps, Adolescents, Agent Orange, 22 Jacks, Final Conflict and the Grabbers; Manic Hispanic cover punk anthems of yester-year, flavouring them with a Hispanic refried bean twist. Their third full-length release to date, the 16 cover songs on, Milo Goes to Jr. College appear to be more extensive than their previous efforts. For example, the Clash’s "Brand New Cadillac” is instantly transformed into "Brand New Impala,” while D.I.’s "Johnny’s Got a Problem” becomes "My Homeboy is a Joto.” Sham 69’s "Sunday Morning Nightmare” is reworked into "Menudo Morning Nightmare,” Stiff Little Fingers’ "Barbed Wire Love” is now "Barrio Love” and the Vandals’ "Urban Struggle” works perfectly as "I Want to be a Cholo.” The musical insanity from south of the border goes that extra mile, kind of like an extra spicy burrito transiting an ulcer patient. (BYO)