Man Man/Dr. Dog Piano up for Sale on Craigslist

Man Man/Dr. Dog Piano up for Sale on Craigslist
If you're still shopping for Christmas presents, this just might interest the oddball music lover in your life. Philadelphia record producer Bill Moriarty is selling an upright piano on Craigslist. While the piano itself is likely a beauty, there's a bit of history to it as well; the instrument was often used by indie-prog weirdoes Man Man, as well as rockers Dr. Dog.

Consequence of Sound points to a post on online classifieds hub Craigslist that aims to sell the piece of modern musical history for $8,000. And the reason for selling the piano? Dude's moving studios and just plum doesn't have room for it anymore.

"I am moving out of my recording studio I've shared with Dr. Dog for five years," he wrote in his advertisement. "This is a beautiful sounding, entirely imperfect upright piano. It has a clunky old sound full of character. We've used this on nearly every record made in this studio for the last 4 years. When Honus (Ryan) from Man Man was moving out of his house he wanted this piano to go somewhere it would be loved so I brought it to our studio..."

The piano once belonged to Man Man singer Honus Honus (aka Ryan Kattner) and was used to write and record Dr. Dog's 2008 LP Fate.

If you want to hear how this piano sounds, you can check out some clips of the ol' gal in action here .