Man Man Announce Life Fantastic

Man Man Announce <i>Life Fantastic</i>
Following the announcement of some tour dates last week, fans of weirdo cabaret skronkers Man Man have likely been salivating in anticipation for details on their new album. Way back in the fall, the outfit admitted that they were working on a follow-up to 2008's Rabbit Hands, but no news of the set was delivered along with last week's tour schedule. Well, break out your white face paint and start streaking up your cheeks, super fans, because it's official: Man Man are releasing an album this May.

A press release explains that the band will let loose their latest disc Life Fantastic on May 10 via Anti- Records. Early reports labelled the set as Live Fantastic, which is pretty close to the final product. The record, the group's fourth, was produced by Bright Eyes/Monster of Folk member Mike Mogis, who apparently tamed the band's wild ways ever so slightly.

"The songs were fully-formed entities by the time we got to Mike's studio, but he was there to say things like, 'OK, that's a bit too much,'" singer Honus Honus said in a statement. "He was able to help us carve the beauty out of the chaos we brought. It wasn't whittling down the points; it was sharpening them so they'd puncture even deeper."

A preview of opening track "Knuckle Down," which you can hear over at Pitchfork, plays like a tweaked-out high school marching band on a Caribbean vacation, so judge for yourself whether the band have shed their freaky ways.

Check out the full tracklist below. Also, the creepy, homemade arts and crafts project that graces the cover is up above. We think it's a kangaroo!

Life Fantastic:

1. "Knuckle Down"

2. "Piranhas Club"

3. "Steak Knives"

4. "Dark Arts"

5. "Haute Tropique"

6. "Shameless"
7. "Spooky Jookie"

8. "Eel Bros"

9. "Bangkok Necktie"

10. "Life Fantastic"
11. "Oh, La Brea"