Man Has "Air Sex" to Slayer's "Angel of Death"

Man Has 'Air Sex' to Slayer's 'Angel of Death'
As if public displays of guitar heroism weren't embarrassing enough, get a load of this: a man in Los Angeles who goes by the name of Cock-a-licious (stay with us here) recently competed in the Los Angeles Air Sex Championship (seriously, do not navigate away) by making love with someone who doesn't exist, and did so to Slayer's classic thrash metal/"we're not Nazis" anthem "Angel of Death." (Now, I dare you to navigate away; you can't, can you?)

Now, air sex shows are a lot like those really geeky videogame guitar contests, and most likely also made up of many of the same contestants. In a nutshell: you're alone, you pretend to make love to someone who's not there, people cheer you on. While there is always music playing, it's usually something a bit more, well, tame.

The Air Sex World Championship Tour wrapped up at the end of June after making its way across the States, as Blabbermouth reports. And it looks like it's not just anti-social weirdoes that take part in this stuff: in San Diego, Scott Mruczkowski from the San Diego Chargers was a judge. It appears that these things draw decent crowds too.

We will say this: Cock-a-licious is damn weird, but this is actually pretty impressive. And, luckily, his performance has been immortalized for all the world to see. Check it out below. We're hoping that for the next tour someone will show up and compete to Cannibal Corpse or Gore Beyond Necropsy.