Man or Astro-man? Beyond The Black Hole

Originally released by Australian label Au Go Go as What Remains Inside A Black Hole, this album has been remixed, remastered and re-released by Estrus Records. Out of print for years, it's back with a new title, Beyond the Black Hole, as well as a bright new neon cover design by Art Chantry. The tracks here are a collection of seven-inches and compilation tracks from the golden era of MOAM's deliriously accelerated recorded output from 1993 to '96. As usual, there are lots of spacy movie samples thrown in and around the intense surf rock. Standout songs include the hardboiled film noir-esque "24 Hours" and the theramin-heavy "Polaris." Also particularly good is the super spy organ and guitar fest that is "The Powerful Fully Transistorized Dick Tracey Two-Way Radio." Not only is this album just a darn good listen, but it also acts as a little time capsule that takes us back to the earlier, more "purist" surf stage of this now veteran band's career. (Estrus)