The Makes Nice Candy Wrapper and Twelve Other Songs

Far removed from his previous involvement with metal overlords the Fucking Champs, Josh Smith delves into mod- and freak beat-focused music with his new group the Makes Nice. Loaded with thick harmonies on tracks such as "Nothing Left to Say” and "Enough is Enough,” Candy Wrapper and Twelve Other Songs offers a high degree of tunefulness, capably engineered by Phil Manley from Trans Am. Along with the adept harmonies, the Makes Nice also do a good job of turning up the rock’n’roll strut factor on dance floor shakers such as "Candy Wrapper” and "As Long As I Can.” With the rhythm section of Aaron Burnham and Jack Matthews solidly anchoring the group’s songs, Josh Smith provides spot-on vocal melodies and upbeat guitar playing sure to keep hipsters content while cruising the side streets on their scooters. (Frenetic)