Major Conflict Sounds Like 1983

This release explains a lot about New York’s punk scene from ’83 up until now, and if you’re looking for a history lesson, this is a good start. Instead of gaining jock appeal like other hardcore scenes, NYC was producing a chaotic brand that is often forgotten today. Major Conflict helped build this scene and quickly gained a reputation around their live shows, but the band’s inclinations towards drugs and violence held them back from ever achieving much success outside of NYC. Though Major Conflict’s career was short lived, the members went on to form Gutterboy, who experienced success later in the decade. Now Mad at the World Records has resurrected Major Conflict with these 18 tracks. Pompously loud, gritty and sloppy, the discord surrounding this band is evident, and these are qualities Major Conflict carried well. Each song whirls by at rates that feel amphetamine-fuelled, some of them clocking in at less than two minutes long. This is destructive, ugly music that will satisfy anyone who lives off hard and fast musical eruptions. (Mad at the World)