Majical Cloudz "What That Was" (Digits remix)

Majical Cloudz 'What That Was' (Digits remix)
Digits' packed summer just got even busier, as the Toronto-based electronic artist (who recently became a production partner at the Gas Station Recording Studio) has remixed Majical Cloudz in advance of a new mixtape.

This take on "What That Was" from the 2012 EP Turns Turns Turns is more buoyant and danceable than the original, although it's not too much of a departure from the straightforward rhythms and crooning sincerity of the source material.

This will emerge on Digits' upcoming Shake Your Body Down mixtape, which will be out in late August and will include new material and collaborations. Toronto's Doomsquad will appear, while Pick a Piper's Brad Weber will remix a Digits track.