Majical Cloudz "Game Show" (video)

Majical Cloudz 'Game Show' (video)
Synth-driven Canadian downer pop duo Majical Cloudz continue their introspective journey with a simple but moody music video behind Are You Alone? track "Game Show." You can catch the newly bloomed clip online now.

On the surface, there's not a whole lot to the video, with the project's Devin Welsh and Matthew Otto performing on a darkened soundstage behind a bed of cut flowers. That said, there's something chilling about catching the stone-faced Welsh waxing on the true nature of an individual as he sways by crushed petals. Haunting, really.

You'll find the minimalist music video, shot at New York's National Sawdust venue, below, while the project's 2016 North American tour details can be found here.