Mahi Mahi He No Wa

It’s a very personal decision what things can count as bad omens. For some, it’s walking under a ladder, others, a black cat crossing their path. Looking at the credits in He No Wa, some may be aghast at certain quotation marks. Yes, aptly placed quotations are either a good or bad thing, as a certain V. von Ricci is credited with "singing.” Not singing, but "singing,” as his vocals are drowned in a vast smorgasbord of no-wave and post-punk noise along with ultra lo-fi videogame beats and shuffles. There is a novelty value to He No Wa, but alas, like all novelties, they soon wear out their welcome. "To the Left” actually, in some perverse way, is a pretty good dance song for those who hate to dance and "Downtown” and "That Man” showcase the best Super Nintendo sounds short of that geeky roommate who’s downloaded all those Final Fantasy themes. The title track, "He No Wa (The End),” is truly unlike the others in that it actually sounds like something else, namely Aphex Twin at either his best or worst. Originality, thy name is Mahi Mahi, but let’s not too excited; file this under "just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.” (Corleone)