Mahavishnu Orchestra The Lost Trident Sessions

Recorded in 1973, The Lost Trident Sessions was intended to be the third studio album by these fusion pioneers, whose seer was the great eclectic guitarist John McLaughlin. During its recording, the band had been experiencing personal conflicts that ultimately led to the discarding of this unfinished project. In its place, the live Between Nothingness and Eternity album came to life. This gem consists of most of the tracks from that live album. The track “Dream” features a bridge section that flies at mach four speed with phenomenal interplay between McLaughlin's guitar and Billy Cobham's drums; and keyboardist Jan Hammer (later of Miami Vice soundtrack fame) pounds out the solid tight funk-oriented number “Sister Andrea.” In comparison to their live versions the studio tracks seem more magical, cinematic and eerie and even more important, it displays concrete evidence that musical perfection can exist. This is no cash-grab — it is a rare and vibrant stone that can summon lightning. (Columbia)