Magnolius "Selaron" (video)

Magnolius 'Selaron' (video)
Toronto-based hip-hop duo Magnolius (aka Shan Vincent de Paul and Derek DaCosta) have unveiled a new clip for their Mary Musth cut "Selaron," inspired by famed Brazilian artist Jorge Selaron.

According to a recent press release, the pair visited Selaron's iconic hand-made stairway, Escadaria Selaron, while on tour in Rio de Janeiro in 2008, finding "inspiration on the mosaic tiled steps that symbolize harmony and cultural independence."

To highlight the jazz-infused track, Magnolius recently called for fan-made video submissions and finally decided on Dreamlab graphic designer Nuna Barbosa, whose colourful animated visuals bring blighted areas of his native Portugal to life.

Check out the clip below and look out for a cameo by Selaron himself, who gives a shout-out to the Canadian rhyming tag team.

Mary Musth is out now on PPF House.