Maestro "I Can't Breathe" (ft. King Reign)

Maestro 'I Can't Breathe' (ft. King Reign)
Many voices were raised last month after a jury failed to indict the NYPD police officer that choked New York's Eric Garner to death last summer. Now, Toronto MC Maestro Fresh Wes has weighed in on the matter with a track called "I Can't Breathe."

The hip-hop cut, named after some of Garner's tragic last words, has the Maestro spitting about feeling asphyxiated by societal racism, violence and oppression. "When they hate you, they'll try their best to suffocate you," he says in the song, which also references the Michael Brown shooting, its "hands up" protest campaign, and the hashtag truism #BlackLivesMatter.

"I Can't Breathe" also features guest bars from King Reign. You can check out the protest song down below in the SoundCloud player or via the lyric video.