​Madonna Blocks Auction of 2pac Prison Letter

Her worn panties and hairbrush filled with hair are also getting taken off the market
​Madonna Blocks Auction of 2pac Prison Letter
Madonna fans hoping to get their hands on some of her most intimate belongings are out of luck.
A Manhattan judge has ordered that a number of items — including a prison letter from 2pac to Madge, a pair of worn panties, and a hairbrush containing Madonna's hair — be removed from Gotta Have It! Collectibles' rock and roll-themed auction.
The 22 items in question were slated to go up for public sale today (July 19), but an emergency court order demanded by the "Material Girl" herself has successfully stopped sales for now.
According to the Associated Press, Madonna says that she was "shocked" to learn that her belongings were being put up for auction and claims that a "former friend" is behind the sales. She added that it was "outrageous and grossly offensive" that pieces of her DNA were being pawned for profit.
A spokesman for the auction house, meanwhile, told the New York Post that Madonna's order will be "challenged and refuted" in court.