Madita Too

Every so often an artist comes along whose sound is so similar and comparable to an already established artist that they make a name for themselves based solely on comparison. Vienna-based singer Madita (Edita Malovèiæ) could easily fall victim to this artist association if given a chance by overzealous media personalities. Upon first listen, it’s easy to be taken aback by the striking similarity to a whole host of recognisable artists — Toronto-based Esthero, New York’s Brazilian Girls and the latest vocal powerhouse from Britain, Adele, instantly jump out — but Madita’s sound goes well beyond simple comparisons. Her second album, Too, has an underlying contemporary jazz feel to it, with a generous helping of brass and piano, and cunningly incorporates bouncy bass, acoustic guitar, solid percussion and a touch of synths that really pull the disc together. "Because” opens with a lazy piano riff akin to a Feist single but keeps it upbeat and catchy, while "Love Is…” plays with groovy bass as it builds up to a danceable chorus. This album and artist are definitely worth keeping an eye on. Perhaps new artists will eventually be compared to Madita when all is said and done. (Couch)