Mad Ones "End of You"

Mad Ones 'End of You'
When we last heard from Toronto indie rockers Mad Ones, they seemed to be drawing inspiration from interior design with singles like "Leather Rug" and "Walking the Ceiling." They've switched direction on their latest track, though, and Exclaim! is giving you an exclusive listen to the brand new cut right now.
"End of You" marks the lead single from the band's upcoming LP Regretless, and it packs an "existential meltdown" into a tight three-minute rock song.
"Initially it was set during the industrial revolution and written from the viewpoint of someone contemplating the value of human life and likely speculating on the existence of an afterlife," the band tell Exclaim! "The song is also appropriately suited to the recent rise of right wing populism in the U.S., the strength of the opposition to it and the sinking feeling we are, as a species, doomed to repeat our mistakes."
It doesn't provide the most optimistic outlook on the state of humanity, but it's probably fair to call that an accurate evaluation of where we're at in 2017 — and for what it's worth, the buoyant percussion, joyous vocal harmonies and wild guitar on the track should lift spirits, even if just temporarily.
Regretless is due out on March 3, but first, get a preview of what's to come by listening to the premiere of "End of You" down below.