Mad Ones


BY Ian GormelyPublished Sep 1, 2011

It's hard to separate Toronto, ON's Mad Ones from like-minded Hogtown groups Teenage Kicks and the Mercy Now ― bands that certainly feel steeped in the mythology of indie rock, but prefer to keep their feet firmly planted in the world of blue-collar garage bands. Mad Ones tweak the formula, squeezing booze-soaked tunes out of former Exchanges member Andrew DeVillers (guitar) and drummer Phil Wilson, who used to keep time in Clothes Make the Man. Tapping Ian Blurton to produce was a wise move, as this is the kind of hard-rocking music the former Change of Heart and C'Mon member built his reputation on. But while there are plenty of hooks hanging around these dozen tracks individually, as a whole, the record feels somewhat repetitive. Behaviour is a promising start from an act still finding their feet.

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