'Mad Max: Fury Road' Soundtrack Gets Vinyl Release via Mondo

'Mad Max: Fury Road' Soundtrack Gets Vinyl Release via Mondo
While many had already been anticipating this coming weekend's Tom Hardy-starring reboot of the Mad Max franchise, it looks as if we also have a glossy pressing of Junkie XL's score to Mad Max: Fury Road on the way from Mondo. It's been confirmed that Mondo's Max wax goes on sale Friday (May 15).

The release was teased a few weeks ago via label owner Justin Ishmael's Instagram account, with the post in question revealing a snippet of Junkie XL's score being spun on a turntable. Now, EW has confirmed this week's vinyl arrival, further explaining that it will be a double-LP release.

It's unclear at present if the tracklisting will match up track-for-track with the CD and digital editions, which Warner Brothers' WaterTower Music delivers tomorrow (May 12), but the Mondo release will definitely feature exclusive artwork. Two different pieces of artwork have been prepped by Boneface and Kilian Eng, with one sleeve featuring an illustration of Hardy's Mad Max and the other featuring film villain Immortan Joe (played by Hugh Keays-Byrne). The images will be housed in a die-cut slip cover.

Details have yet to arrive as to whether or not coloured vinyl variants are being pressed up for the release, but considering Mondo's track record, those chances are pretty good. Hell, they may as well use all the petroleum resources they can before this place becomes a post-apocalyptic, gas-exhausted battle world.

Mondo's Mad Max: Fury Road goes up on sale sometime on Friday, the same day the film opens North America wide. For now, you can sample the soundtrack over here.