Mad At Gravity Resonance

It is up to us, the music enjoying public, to stand up and say enough! Enough Third Eye Blind, enough Matchbox 20, enough sporto-driven rock music! The best way to start that process is to not pick up Resonance, the debut album by Southern California's Mad at Gravity. The disc is sleepy from beginning to end. Vocalist J. Lynn Johnston does not change his tone once on the record, giving his voice a rhythmic and repetitive quality (good when you need to be lulled into a dreamy state). The songs never really amount to very much (a good example is hysterically titled "Historypeats"), while guitarists James Lee Barlow and Anthony "Bosco" Boscarini manage to bore the listener with each note. And don't even get me started on the riffs. By the time you reach track six, "Run for Cover," it is near painful to continue listening to this disc, and that is after the less than stellar harmonies and poorly chosen guitar effects they start with. (BMG)