Macha Loved Bedhead Macha Loved Bedhead

Here's a poignant collaboration between two pairs of brothers fronting two inventive art rock outfits. Matt and Bubba Kadane of Bedhead sent unfinished songs to their old friends from Wichita Falls, TX, Joshua and Mischo McKay, who had since moved to Athens, GA, and started their own band, Macha. Strangely enough, all four of them used to be in a high school band together and this project was culmination of their desire to work together again. The Macha brothers took the Bedhead song structures through to the completion of this six-song EP and in the meantime Bedhead, the band, split up, making the recording somewhat of a eulogy. The result is a series of lovely lilting slow pop songs that compares well with the best work created by both Bedhead and Macha. Organic guitar and electronic atmospheres build in pace and melody as the unique instrumentation representative of Macha makes its presence felt. In fact, it sounds like Macha gave Bedhead's contemplative and moody songs a life-giving jolt of electricity, taking both bands to a new level. A hidden track closes the EP with a touch-tone phone rendition of Cher's hit "Believe." Who says you can't have fun at a funeral? (Jetset)