Mac DeMarco Cohorts Walter TV Treated to Reissue

Mac DeMarco Cohorts Walter TV Treated to Reissue
Walter TV are known for their close association with Mac DeMarco, and as the members tour the world supporting their gap-toothed buddy, they are being treated to a reissue.

Sinderlyn will reissue Walter TV's 2012 album Appetite on August 26. It was previously available on cassette through AmDiscs and Green Burrito Records, and this reissue brings it to vinyl and CD. It's available to order here.

A press release not that "the trio's sound is built upon frenetic percussion, warbling vocals, abstract guitar, and a resonant bassline." Although they're described as a three-piece, DeMarco is listed as a full-blown band member in the credits. Hear the full album below.

This Water TV reissue comes on the same day as a reissue from Girl Tears. Sinderlyn will release this L.A. punk trio's album Tension, which can be ordered here.


1. Nose Bleeding
2. In My Room
3. Africa
4. Neccessitty
5. One Sweet Neo
6. Master Ludi
7. Lo Noise
8. Hawaii
9. Puka Shell Necklace
10. Siddhartha