"Wait" (video)

BY Alex HudsonPublished Dec 5, 2012

M83 has already released a pair of music videos starring supernatural children with "Midnight City" and "Reunion", and now the trilogy of clips from Hurry Up, We're Dreaming is complete thanks to a video for "Wait."

The clip accompanying this dramatically meditative song is a bit of a strange one, as a young girl walks through a post-apocalyptic city inhabited by brawling thugs and white wolves. Meanwhile, there are shots of a desert and a pyramid floating through space before some sort of alien boy plummets to earth.

Directors Fleur & Manu said in a statement, "'Wait' is the final episode of the trilogy. The end point of this great visual collaboration that has been ongoing with M83 throughout 2012. We felt it was important to re-connect with a meaningful subject that would have an echo in today's world. The promise of a new cycle, seen through the kid's eyes."

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