The Lytics "Big City Soundgirl"

The Lytics 'Big City Soundgirl'
Blessed with infectious energy, refreshing honesty and prodigious youthful talent, Winnipeg's the Lytics are rightfully pricking up some ears ahead of a September 15 re-release of a previous CD that largely made the rounds in their local environs. Ahead of the CD's release the group will be uploading one new song to their Myspace account every week, alerting followers on their Twitter feed.

The group, consisting of MCs Ashy and A-Nice, both 18, along with 22-year-old Munga and 20-year old DJ Dex have already been featured on influential blogs such as and those who were lucky to see them perform at this year's NXNE at the Revival in Toronto were convinced they were witnessing something special.

"Big City Soundgirl" has been circulating for a little while and is an endearing slice of the group's appeal. Ashy and A-Nice and Munga humbly write love notes and love songs to a beguiling b-girl and lament her when she backspins out of their lives, without sounding corny or insincere.

It helps that producer B-Flat's wistful melancholy track recalls Souls of Mischief's "'93 Til Infinity" matching their infectious exuberance, infatuation and idealism.

Download "Big City Soundgirl" here.