Lyon "Indian Summer" (video)

Lyon 'Indian Summer' (video)
A couple of months back, when Lyon's Lauren Malyon announced her Indian Summer EP, the Toronto songwriter shared a video trailer for the title track. Now, the full video has arrived.

The clip is far shadowier than the sunshine-soaked, chillwave-indebted electronic pop song would imply. We see late-night scenes depicting slow-motion motorcycle rides through the city and pensive hangouts in what appears to be a very gloomy diner.

Speaking of the video, Malyon explains, "When I read Kelsey's vision for the 'Indian Summer' video, it just felt right. The moody narrative captured how I feel about the song. It's an escape... an adventure that you can't help but feel a little sad, knowing it will eventually have to come to an end. Plus on a side note, I get to ride a motorcycle through the whole thing... it really doesn't get any better that that."

Indian Summer is out now through Black Box. Lyon will also play a show at Toronto's Rivoli on October 9. You can get more info here.