Lyon "Lullaby" (video)

Lyon 'Lullaby' (video)
Last year was an Indian Summer for Toronto songwriter Lyon, and now she's released a video for that EP's third and final single "Lullaby."

The song is an ultra-sparse, sleepy keyboard ballad. The accompanying video, directed by John Ker, plays up the mellow mood. We see lots of dreamy, soft-focus images and some lingering close-up shots of vocalist Lauren Malyon.

Ker said in a statement:

When I first heard the track is was immediately struck by its ethereal quality, and was inspired to create a video that was a visual representation of someone slowly fading in and out of consciousness. Rather than making a video with a storyline, I wanted to create a visual experience that looked very organic, a reflection of the emotions Lyon is singing about.

This video is unique in that all of the effects used were done in the camera, we made custom filters from glass and mirror that warped the images in interesting and dreamy ways. We see beautiful, simplistic shots of Lyon singing the track, contrasted with hazy shots of the city, as if she was looking out a window while slowly falling into a dream. Working with Lyon and her team was an absolute pleasure, and I think we created a very elegant video that's perfect for the song.

Malyon also added:

John, the director, felt and understood the raw minimalism and honesty of "Lullaby." When we were in the studio recording this song, myself and producer, Japeth Maw, chose to keep the song stripped down. We didn't deviate much from the acoustic demo. I think we visually captured the same concept with this video. We shot it one freezing cold day in the winter, very early in the morning. The mood was lonely, dream-like, in the city; very much a reflection how I felt when the song was written."

Watch it below, and stay tuned for Lyon's new single from her upcoming debut full-length to drop in October via Black Box.