Lymbyc Systym / This Will Destroy You / ThisQuietArmy Zoobizarre, Montreal QC September 13

Montreal's Eric Quach, otherwise known as ThisQuietArmy kicked off the evening under a pile of guitar pedals and synths. The mound of gear aside, ThisQuietArmy created sonic landscapes with guitar loops and samples, with well-arranged projections adding a story to his soundtrack.

This Will Destroy You were the surprise of the night, with the band appearing to have somewhat cult status in Montreal. The tiny Zoobizarre was nearly shaking from the sheer volume of the band, and it became basically unbearable to listen to them for too long before your ears started buzzing. Apparently one of Tool's favourite bands, their droning guitar-driven post rock had a heaviness that would have begun to get monotonous if it weren't for some clever use of melody and an engaging live performance.

Lymbyc Systym followed with a less abrasive set, their particular brand of atmospheric pop sounding surprisingly full despite there being only two people on stage. Most songs are quite cinematic, sounding like it could easily be the backdrop for any quirky indie flick. There are moments where the laptop steals the show and an extra body onstage providing live instruments could only improve the songs. Brothers Jared and Michael Bell are great songwriters, with lush loops and organ sounds providing the basis for most pieces, with an obvious affinity for ‘90s shoegaze.

Despite it being a completely instrumental evening, there was no lack of energy in the room.