Lydia Loveless Accuses Bloodshot Records Owner's Partner of Sexual Misconduct

Mark Panick, the partner of Bloodshot co-owner Nan Warshaw, has been accused of years of "casual predation"

Photo: David T. Kindler

BY Josiah HughesPublished Feb 18, 2019

Alt-country singer-songwriter Lydia Loveless has accused her label Bloodshot Records of covering up years of sexual misconduct.

Loveless has claimed she suffered years of "casual predation" at the hands of Chicago musician Mark Panick, who is the partner of the label's co-founder Nan Warshaw.

In a statement posted to Instagram, Loveless accused Panick of groping, verbal sexual harassment and Facebook comments "that would elicit texts from friends [saying], 'Who is this person? Are you OK?'" 

Loveless said that Panick was present at "all social events" associated with the label, adding that this made her fearful to come forward about the alleged abuse.

She wrote, "I didn't know who to tell about these behaviors because I felt afraid, as for me, shows are work events and Mark was a part of the label from my eyes — my label."

Loveless eventually did bring her story to Rob Miller, who co-owns the label with Warshaw. He brought his concerns to Warshaw, and she allegedly defended Manick. Warshaw has now apologized and planned to step away from Bloodshot.

Bloodshot eventually offered to ban Panick from all the label's events. 

"I don't think Bloodshot has maliciously encouraged this behavior but instead quieted it to protect their brand, and it has indeed been covered up in my eyes, as the behavior only ceased when I was informed they wanted to begin signing more women," Loveless said.

Read statements from Loveless, Bloodshot Records' Rob Miller, Nan Warshaw and an extremely brief apology from Mark Panick below.




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