Luton Black Box Animals

Luton Black Box Animals
Recently formed contemporary composition duo Luton have such sublime chemistry that it sounds like they've been creating hauntingly beautiful soundscapes together for ages on their debut, Black Box Animals.
Roberto P. Siguera and Attilio Novellino take sound design as seriously as they do their minimalist classical-informed harmonic structures and graceful, understated melodies. Washes of ambience and deep snarls of controlled distortion roam, lurk and flit through the stereo field, deployed with masterful attention to texture and trajectory. "Black Concrete," in particular, is an early stand out that elevates the creative stakes of an already compelling listen.
Cinematic is probably the most apt way to convey the sort of highly descriptive sonic image conjuring Luton practices. The way Siguera and Novellino combine the familiar and evocative ("Archipelago") with chilly, wonderfully alien explorations ("Submergence") is perfectly suited to the screen and is surely influenced by that school of multifaceted composers.
Black Box Animals is an assured and fascinating debut that should absolutely be heard by fans of the sort of sorrowful beauty and simmering dread found in the score work of the likes of Clint Mansell and Ben Frost. (Lost Tribe Sound)