Lupe Fiasco Fronting British Indie Band?

Lupe Fiasco Fronting British Indie Band?
As we previously reported, enigmatic rapper Lupe Fiasco has begun work on LupE.N.D., a triple album he promises will be his last. In the meantime, however, a British indie band called Japanese Cartoon have surfaced, and many believe he's the front-man.

The band now have three songs streaming on their MySpace page. Among two original tracks, "ARMY" and "Heirplanes," the band also include a remix of the Prodigy track "Invaders Must Die." Upon listening to the band it definitely sounds like Fiasco forcing a British accent over some fuzzy post-punk and using the nickname Percival Fats, but a blog on the page insists that it's not him, but that he is involved with the band.

"Percival Fats (born Percival Hindenburg-Fats) is NOT Lupe Fiasco (born Wasalu Muhammad Jaco). Although he is a dear friend," the site reads. "Lupe does finance the band but is not, I repeat, not the singer in Japanese Cartoon. He is, however, the producer and we value his participation very much."

It's definitely a mystery, which only time, or possibly Kanye's blog, will solve.

Japanese Cartoon "Army"