Lupe Fiasco "Animal Pharm"

Lupe Fiasco 'Animal Pharm'
Lupe Fiasco will apparently be dropping an LP called Testuo & Youth later in 2013, but first up from the Chi-town spitter is a new barnyard pun-laden cut called "Animal Pharm."

While tipping his hat to George Orwell's political allegory Animal Farm, the socially conscious track also has Lupe talking A.A. Milne via lines referencing Tigger, Pooh and Christopher Robin, too.

As for the beat, the rapper repurposes the wavy Krautrock synth drones and ice cavern drips of Atoms for Peace's "Ingenue" and opts to keep some of Thom Yorke's unsettlingly calm falsetto in there as well.

You can check out "Animal Pharm" down below.