Luke Vibert

After being lumped in and collaborating with the likes of good friends Aphex Twin and Squarepusher, Luke Vibert finally drops his first effort for Warp and he seems to feel at home. After releasing past records on labels like Ninja Tune and Mo’Wax under an assortment of aliases, Vibert has put out a well-executed gathering of ’70s electro beats and digital grooves. Known for developing all sorts of styles and blends in his studio, it’s quite rare to see Luke Vibert take a style and follow it through an entire record. With past records we get doses of hip-hop, house and psychedelic funk all mixed into one — coming at you with a slow down-tempo beat and then flipping the script to throw a maniacal ear-piercing siren on the next cut. YosepH is definitely more on the electronic side of the fence, taking every track and setting the pace with an ass-shaking house pulse and filling in the gaps with all sorts of experimental noises. In an album with many grand moments, tracks like "NokTup” stand out with its incredibly catchy synthesised keys and club break beat, while the gorgeous closer "Harmonic” leaves one of the very few calmer moments for the grand finale. YosepH picks up where his Musipal outing under the Wagon Christ name left off. If you enjoyed the more upbeat, club-oriented tracks on that release then YosepH will blow you away. Still, seeing as Luke Vibert has created some of the most breathtaking, melodic dance songs in recent years it’s hard not to miss his knack for making your skin shiver with his knack for chilled-out orchestration.