Lucinate Big Noise

Lucinate Big Noise
The title of Lucinate's new LP is a nod to Big Noise from Winnetka by the Bobcats (an offshoot of the Bob Crosby Orchestra). Clearly though, that's not the only inspiration at work here. The Netherlands sampler extraordinaire has produced a killer electronic jazz album.
In the process, he has transformed his source material. Among the album's many highlights, "Cage Flight" is entirely made up of John Cage samples. Don't come looking for a mashup of 20th century minimalism though — Lucinate turns Cage into a jazz instrument every bit as soulful as Robert Glasper's keyboard.
Our first taste of Big Noise came last month. Vancouver's King Deluxe label released a well-received sneak peek. Those four tracks, coupled with a film-noirish video featuring the work of nine separate animators, deserved all the attention it grabbed. Lucinate really has delivered something special.
On one hand this is a master class on how to produce a unique, detailed artistic statement with the help of a record collection and a bit of sampling tech. On the other, it is a wholly organic, great new jazz record. Lucinate's technique is only the half of it; these nine tracks are packed with atmosphere and deep grooves.
"Universal Rhythm" is a turn-it-up banger. "Santiago" is an atmospheric walk in the park It'll take you about 31 seconds into this to be convinced; it's at that moment Lucinate lays down Pharoah Sanders' ringing bells underneath "Big Noise," the album's opener and title track. Stunning. (King Deluxe)