Lucien-N-Luciano Blind Behavior

This may be Lucien Nicolet’s first full-length, but the Chilean/Swiss producer has been making music since the tender age of 15, DJing and promoting alongside fellow Latin American electronic innovators such as Señor Coconut and Ricardo Villalobos. Several well received singles on some of the foremost electronic labels in the world paved the way for this collection of warm down-tempo microhouse. Like many of his peers in the scene, Nicolet is fond of deep, dubby bass, and though much of Blind Behavior is rooted in that sound, what sets him apart are his intricate melodies. "Madre Mother & Mere” features Nicolet’s own vocodered vocals, but is saved from turning into another Eurotrash dance track by the dense layers of sound that build to an epic finish. Latin touches like bongos and congas are mixed in smoothly with the skittering beats typical of the genre, and the guest vocalists throw in some Spanish lyrics for good measure. Nicolet saves the best for last, however, with the nine-minute closing title track that takes so many sonic twists and turns, it’s almost as if he composed it with his eyes closed. (Peacefrog)