Lt. Frank Dickens "Sunburned"

Lt. Frank Dickens 'Sunburned'
Peace frontman Dan Geddes is stepping away from post-punk sounds on his upcoming cassette release as Lt. Frank Dickens, but he's keeping his poetic, baritone boom intact for the more folk-minded project. You'll find him singing above an acoustic guitar on summer strummer "Sunburned," which is currently streaming online.

The track is filled with a light and airy six-string melody and wind chimes, with Geddes waxing nostalgic over the golden glaze of a sunny afternoon. As the song goes on, you learn it was spent sunburnt in someone's room.

The song acts as the title track to Lt. Frank Dickens' cassette of the same name, which will be issued via Geddes' Horses Records this summer.

In related news, Geddes and Other Jesus bassist Katayoon Yousefbigloo are celebrating the one-year anniversary of their Horses Records shop in East Vancouver. They'll be holding a party on July 12, which will feature performances from lié, Dink Trinkets and Whitney K. More info on the event can be found over here.