LSD March Constellation of Tragedy

Upon first glance, one wants to believe this is some heavy music. Main songwriter Shinsuke Michishita’s face — all blood red on a black background — looks very foreboding and, of course, there’s the band name. But, nicely, this short album actually goes for a low-key sound that’s more idiosyncratic and quirky than classic psychedelia. The best example is the ambling, and very charming, "Kimi Wa Tengoku,” which puts Michishita’s gravelly sing-speak together with shuffling drums and outer space electro effects. It’s almost like futuristic folk. Indeed, the first three songs have a very loose feel that, while not connecting all the time, shows Michishita are pushing for something new. As "Moeru Pyramid” opens, though, it’s classic psych rock territory, with guitar drones and feedback reigns, but never at a rock clip. This is far more meditative stuff, which seems to be a theme here. Taking his time, letting things breathe, Michishita’s experiments take a little patience, but there is beauty to be found. (Important)